TalentLab by Kholo

Is a career in consulting for you?

Come and find out in an interactive two day immersion in a beautiful setting in Sintra. Explore your career choices whilst enjoying the fresh air and we promise that you will come away with new skills and insights that will help you to land a career in consulting, should you decide that is for you.

This is for you if…

You are a natural problem solver and structured critical thinker.

You enjoy working with people and like getting under the skin of how organisations operate.

You are enthusiastic about learning about the latest innovations in technology and are interested in learning how to use data to tell a story.

Whether you are a recent graduate, or a mature professional, consulting could be an exciting next step for you. Come and upskill yourself for a career in consulting!

Our offer…

We are running a 2 day case study based immersion where you will get hands on experience of what it is like to problem solve and run through a typical case cycle, and learn how to prepare yourself for the consulting interview process.

Steps include: problem definition; diagnostic; analysis; synthesis and communication and you will work in small groups of 3-5 along with a dedicated industry insider to develop skills in these areas and know where to go to continue your learning.

In the future…

We will be organising follow up training to deep dive into technical skills and more strategy skills; depending on the feedback we get.

We are also looking to hire a  pool of talented people to work with over the longer term. Come and find out more about it!

We will provide access to international project opportunities and further on-the-job development, should we wish to work together; with our existing networks we source work in Portugal, UK, Germany and Middle East (and we will soon expand to USA)

Consulting, like many other industries, is being disrupted; We future proof our training to account for the rapidly changing technology disrupting all industries.

We offer best-in-class training from industry insiders who have worked with multiple industry leading brands.

Take action towards your future now!

Book a discovery call now with one of our expert trainers to find out more. At the end of the discovery call, you will already obtain one-on-one feedback on the key areas you need to work on to be a better candidate, and eventually a better consultant.

Invest in YOUR future … book your discovery call now!

Event details

25-26 March 2023

Meet your trainers: Sajni, Diogo & Sabrina