How much money does each hamper make?

We aligned an existing process and created a bespoke piece of software that allowed the commercial team to calculate the unit economics of each hamper in their range with increased confidence and reliability.

The challenge

Hampers were an auxiliary part of the business and too much management time and effort was being spent to manage it. The commercial team was using 100s of spreadsheets to understand how much money a hamper could make. Each hamper had several excel sheets. It was an arduous task and the process was vulnerable to mistakes. The process had been copied over from the flowers business and was not fit for purpose.

The solution

Working with the team, we identified that we could simplify and align the process, We replaced the multiple sheets with one bespoke tool in excel. This meant that when prices or labour rates changed, they would only need to be changed on one place. We trained the team on how to update it so it could be kept up to date by a central owner within the business.

The result

The commercial team at Flamingo have a reliable way to calculate how much money they expect each hapmer to make. There is increased accountability for inputs as there is clarity over who owns and is reposible for updates. Updates can be made in hours rather than weeks. The accuracy of outputs can be trusted.

About Flamingo

Flamingo Horticulture is a vertically integrated horticultural business that grows, processes, packages, markets, and distributes cut flowers and premium prepared fresh vegetables. Customers include retailers such as Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, as well as other international customers. “We pride ourselves on sustainable and responsible sourcing  with strategic partnerships with our growers and customers.”



We identify opportunities to simplify life for leaders who are experiencing the whirlwind of rapid growth. We build effective processes & tools which improve efficiency, increase clarity, save time and increase profitability.


“Sajni was different to other consultants in the way that she not only came up with great ideas but she also really engaged to help us deliver a new process”



“Everything was delivered in a structured, orderly and consumable way, which meant that it could be relatively easily picked up by our internal teams and carried forwards”



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