Evolve progressive management systems

We facilitate the shift for next generation leaders who want their global vision to impact millions. We collaborate to help reorganise businesses & establish the systems to deliver excellence whilst spreading like wildfire


With a global mission to impact millions, a business needs to evolve a life of its own to ahieve unstoppable growth. Systems enable exponential growth, whilst maintaining excellence. We collaborate with leaders who are ready to evolve their organisation into a paradigm inspired by the next stage of human consciousness.

It is time to make the leap! We hold the space for evolution.


We support you to evolve with grace. We share success stories of passion & purpose-led, self-organised and profitable businesses. Working together, we meet you where you are to share a path that feels congruent to your organisaiton. Evolution is not a linear trajectory and every path is unique.


We work with you to:

  • shift the business culture towards progressive management systems
  • identify the utopian management model

  • gently increase the level of autonomy within teams
  • design systems which maintain a gold standard of excellence
  • open up exponential growth opportunities
  • improve long term profitability

Pioneering agile at a FTSE  100

The technology team was under strain. They had a long pipeline of work and didn’t know where to begin.

We needed a new way of working which would enable rapid change to keep up with the evolving marketplace.

“Sajni will be an asset to you if you wish to make a paradigm shift in your strategic thinking and are prepared to work with someone who will challenge and push you along the journey. “

james osborn, senior strategy manager, sainsbury’s

“Sajni helped Sainsbury’s make the leap into Agile, and handled the organisation of our teams and the ceremonies poetically”


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