Create new revenue streams

We develop incremental revenue streams for leaders who have clarity of mission. We cultivate a springboard for growth. Our services include viable business plans, operational structures & new product development.


We work with leaders who have a track record for success. The dreamers who have clarity of vision, see what the world needs and innovate towards it. A little support with assessing business viability, creating business plans and collaboration around new product development from a trusted pair of hands goes a long way.

There is strong desire to expand into new revenue streams whilst maintaining the current stable state. This is key to opening up the potential of the company’s mission.


 We help you to assess viability, return on investment and strategic fit of new revenue streams. We collaborate with you to set the path and create the processes & tools to progress.


We serve our customers in the following ways: 

  • map out what needs to happen to realise the vision
  • game-plan potential outcome scenarios
  • create the business case & plan
  • identify what the business would need to achieve in order to be ROI positive
  • objectively assess whether an idea is in strategic alignment with your vision
  • deliver against plan with a track record of on time and to budget delivery

Building a new revenue stream for a FTSE 100 business

Serving the Sainsbury’s customer in a new & innovative way!

With Click & Collect, now they can order in the morning and pick up their shopping in the afternoon from a convenient location.

“By starting with the customer first Sajni made sure that at each stage of the operational design process the project team were focused on the right end result rather than getting naturally drawn into a particular problem or situation.”

James osborn, senior strategy manager, Sainsbury’s, UK

“Sajni drilled down into the detail to create the right solution. I could count on her to solve any problem we faced. Together we launched the operation in 3 countries. We set the ship on course to be profitable.”

Taylor Phillips, EU Operations director, Squaretrade, USA

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